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Creating a spectacular marquee for the horse racing season

If you are planning on entertaining your most valued clients and staff at the horse races this year, you want to make sure that your marquee is impressive and helps to enhance the brand of your company. 

Here are some tips to make sure that your marquee is impressive. 

Plan a unique theme

There will be other marquees and stalls close by, so it's great to choose a standout theme that doesn't look like your competitor's. Try unique ideas such as 'reaching the stars' or a 'dream of flowers'. If you are struggling to find a theme that lends itself to interesting decor and fashion while aligning with your brand, it's a good idea to engage a party planner who can help you to brainstorm a theme that feels fresh and interesting while being suitable for your business. An edgy theme that works well in fashion or marketing may be a disaster for more conservative clients such as financial services. 

Allow a generous budget

Cutting corners on your marquee can affect the client's impression of your commitment to detail. Work with your party planner to work out a budget that allows you enough money to hire a great tent, enough staff, suitable entertainment and a generous package of food and drinks. It can be very useful to have the expertise of an experienced party planner to help you work out your budget and identify any less apparent costs such as security or hiring a spare generator in case of power failure.

Extend the experience

While a corporate marquee is a fun and swanky experience for guests, you don't want to the value to end on the day. Some ways to extend the experience include hiring a professional photographer to take some snaps of the day and circulate these to the guests. You can also hand out a loot bag that encourages the guests to keep thinking of your company, which could include handy items such as branded high-end hair brushes for hair salons to sunglasses or accessories for retailers. It's a good idea to brainstorm some ideas with staff about items that might get the guests excited. 

Having a corporate marquee during the racing season is one of the most popular ways of entertaining corporate guests in Australia. If you want to have a memorable and spectacular marquee it can be a great idea to engage an experienced party planner to help you organise the event.